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Teaching Philosphy

Foundational to my identity is mentoring the next generation of students. I base my teaching philosophy on the National Science Foundation’s Professional Formation of Engineers by focusing on the “ethical responsibility of practicing engineers to sustain and grow the profession in order to improve quality of life for all peoples”. I seek to challenge students to consider the societal impact of their work and make ethical decisions as engineers. I aim to create an inclusive classroom and help students feel like they belong in engineering. Techniques I use (e.g., case-based learning, reflective assignments) lead to group collaboration and provide students opportunities to make mistakes—creating an environment where students can learn from their mistakes instead of fearing them. I recognize that teaching is an iterative process and hold the mindset that instructors are continuously learning and developing.

Teaching Experience and Training


  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education

  • Spring 2022: CE 395R Methods for Project Analysis – Designed and taught qualitative methods module

  • Spring 2019 -Spring 2021: ARE 323K Project Management and Economics

    • Teaching practicum involving content development and teaching for four class periods​

    • Guest lectured in over three class sessions

  • Fall 2021: Guest lecture on interdependency analysis in Urban Systems Engineering (CE 397)​

Mentorship Experience
*Graduate Student

Michaela LaPatin*
2021- Present

Project: Ethics in Engineering Education

Cassidy Powell
2019- 2021

Project: Reconciling Spatial Inequity within Centralized Water Infrastructure Systems

Liam Verses
2021- Present

Project: Water Infrastructure Vulnerabilities in Alaska

Sahil Shah

Project: Social Distancing and Water Infrastructure

Meredith Brown*
2021- Present

Project: Analyzing Water Access in Alaska

Prachi Mehendale
2021- Present

Project: Water Infrastructure Vulnerabilities in Alaska

Cristina O'Hanlon

Project: Shelter Shopping: Understanding Occupancy Throughout Displacement

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