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Policy Work


Through my research goals, I use policy recommendations as a lever of change. I bridge the gap between engineering and policy by tackling relevant societal issues and disseminating solutions to policymakers, while also providing technical solutions that engineers can use to adjust construction and operations.

Archer Policy Program

Summer 2019

Competitively selected as one of forty University of Texas System students for a Washington, D.C., internship and academic fellowship program

  • Interned with the Center for Strategic & International Studies Risk and Foresight Group

    • ​Led the research and design of a policy brief about innovative water management technologies, such as artificial intelligence, aimed to reduce water loss in light of increased water scarcity issues

    • Provided technical support on a research report about the inland waterways system in the United States

  • Developed a policy brief about funding for water sector utilities in hosting communities

  • Workshopped the brief with employees in Congress and executive organizations which led to a bill being drafted by the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works

  • A bill, S.3590 - Drinking Water Infrastructure Act of 2020, including my policy recommendation to provide federal funding for water utilities in hosting cities was introduced to the Senate

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